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Café Studio is a place in the 10th arrondissement of Paris that celebrates a sense of community, vegan cuisine and vintage objects.

Its purpose ? To infuse a positive vision of tomorrow, to ground our daily lives and breathe new energy into our lives!


How ? Reconnecting with yourself. Reconnecting with others and with common sense. Redesigning the way we relate with time and the objects that surround us.


Our mission ? That you feel a bit different as you leave the Café Studio. The pride of having mended your favourite pair of jeans, the inspiration to bake a vegan crumble when you get home, or a vintage mug you've adopted !

Cécile&Lara animé rectangle.gif

Once upon a time there were two cousins, raised under the sign of many good things: homemade food, ecological common sense, solidarity and sharing.

Well okay, it seems here that there is no such thing as 'sharing your ice cream', but we've worked on this, we promise !

Lara is Café Studio's left brain ! She has built her toolbox in the corporate sector and is a geek when it comes to the human dynamics underpinning the ecological and societal transition. She builds bridges to gather people around what tomorrow looks like. As well as making mythical cookies, Lara's other areas of expertise include project management, team planning and development.

Cécile is Café Studio's right brain ! She is the foundress of the upcycled clothing brand Cécile Chine, for every body and every life. She teaches sewing and is a fashion/lifestyle photographer. She knows the Parisian artisanal environment and its needs inside out. In addition to hosting the textile workshops, Cécile manages partnerships with designers, relationships with private customers and sourcing.

We work as a team on communications, join forces in the kitchen, and combine our views on... everything! Together, we question, test, build, reorientate, consolidate, optimise and refine, to help the café grow as close as possible to our vision and to develop all the potential of this life with you!

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