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Everything around you, the chair you are sitting on, the cup you drink out of, the lamp above your book, is second-hand. Here, each object has its own character and history, contributing to the charm of this unique atmosphere.

Fauteuil vintage bleu-3.png

7- Plate 8€

8- Glass €8

9- Carafe €35

10- Cup €9

11- Cup €9

1- Formica table €250

2- Cup €8

3- Formica chair €50

4- Chest of drawers €350

5- Illustration €25 and frame €15

6- Barometer €60

Fauteuil vintage bleu-4.png
Fauteuil vintage bleu-7.png

7- Lamp €130

1- Armchair €110

2- Lamp €60

3- Sugar bowl €14

4- Magazine rack €140

5- Coffee table €70

6- Mirror €250

Fauteuil vintage bleu-8.png

*Items to buy and take away, on-site sales only, no reservations.

*Indicative prices.

Why did we choose vintage furniture and crockery?

Because we'd rather shop at Michel's mum's than at Ikea! We surround ourselves with objects that have a soul, a personality from their previous life(s). Everyone can relate with an object from Café Studio.

One feels at home, confident enough to reinvent the relationship we have with everyday objects.

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